Athletes4Life, LLC is now,
Muscle Restoration through Fusion Therapy

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Who We Help

Find you pain and read our strategy for recovery / prevention / performance improvement

Joint Pain

Most joint pain is a muscle problem

Tight muscles caused by oxidative stress shorten muscles pulling bones together tightening joints and eventually causing pain. Athletes4Life has developed cleaning protocols to naturally lengthen muscles increasing range of motion and reducing/eliminating pain.

Migraine Headaches

If you have tried everything, you haven't tried this!

The Migraine Procedure really works, and most people are medication and pain free. Soon they say they are not living in fear that the next thing they do puts them in a dark room away from their families and jobs. Eventually they begin to trust that the headaches are truly gone.

Karen (left) actually started traveling and had the experience of her life swimming with Luna the dolphin.

Athletes and Non-Athletes

Blow away your goals or begin to walk again

Our cleaning techniques are specifically designed to trigger Mitochondrial Bio-genesis, an increase in the organelles that produce the energy for the muscles. Our athletes have shaved an hour off their marathon in 3 months, an hour off their triathlon in 2.5 months, and etc.

This is only a partial list

Recovery / Prevention / Performance

The list is very long and impressive, so this page will grow.