Athletes4Life, LLC is now,
Muscle Restoration through Fusion Therapy

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Introductory Services (promo codes below):

- Deep Cleaning #1 Detox

- Deep Cleaning #2 Detox

- JumpStart

Maintenance Massages

- Athletic Relaxation Massages

- JumpStart

- Purple Hawaiian 75/90 (Relaxation Massage with Lavender Essential Oil added)

Therapeutic Services

- Therapeutic 75 (3 body parts, 75 min)

- Therapeutic 90 (full body with 3 body part focus, 90 min)

- Migraine Massage (prevention and restoration)

- Rotator Cuff Massage (ridiculous results fast and lasting)

Athletic Massages

- JumpStart

-Pre/Post Event Massages (custom designed for your sport and position)

- 2 hour 4 hand Pro Athlete Massage (2 hours done in 60 min, must call to schedule)

Promo Codes let us prove our services are 'the real deal'!
Schedule 2 massages 1 week apart for the very best results.

Deep Cleaning #1

Fully body deep tissue cleaning massage 

We push out the congestion / junk stuck in your muscles to naturally lengthen them and restore muscle elasticity. This reduces pain and improves performance. We also identify every knot/issue and develop a custom therapy plan to quickly resolve the issues.

Promo code: PainPerformance to reduce the $75 massage to $49!
Save $26.

Deep Cleaning # 2

Same as above but with a bit of therapy

Combined 4-10 days apart gives us the opportunity to thoroughly clean your muscles to get rid of most secondary pain so we can identify and work out primary issues. Consider yourself in therapy mode and purchase the "Therapeutic 4pack" to resolve your issues and educate you on what you can do at home to prevent future issues.

promo code 55475 to reduce the $85 massage to $55!
Save $40 because $10 Aromatherapy is free.

Jump Start Massage

90 min of full body cleaning and therapy

This is highly recommended and the best way to start because it probably saves one full massage. The extra 15 minutes is very powerful when combined with the above cleaning because it allows us to give therapy over the entire body and gives you the fasted recovery and performance improvement. About $1 per minute for deep tissue medical massage; the price can't be beat.

Promo code: 95490 to reduce the $130 massage to $95!
Save $35.