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Muscle Restoration through Fusion Therapy

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"So much pain I was about to quit"

says Jim the owner

Electronically Managing Blood to Improve Healthcare

Through the '90s one of his job was to develop computer languages so medical equipment could talk to hospital computers so blood measurements could be delivered to the hospital system for future storage in the Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

Electronically Managing Digital XRays to Improve Healthcare

Starting in 2000, he worked for Kodak and architected and sold large computer systems that managed medical images like MRI's, to consolidate storage so unlimited originals could be delivered to the EMR and any physician.

He thought he was improving healthcare but was actually learning

He thought the technology was incredible, but God had another plan. His career in blood was actually to learn about blood pH and the inverse relationship between oxygen and body acid, so when he got to his massage career, he could develop a massage to restore oxygen and increase pH to fight pain and cancer. 

Similar education in Medical Imaging

He learned from his own elbow pain that oxidative stress, the actual cause of most pain and disease (according to the National Institute of Health can be reversed by increasing oxygen delivery deep into the tissues and measured on XRays or MRI's. 

Athletes4Life improves Healthcare and improves your health based on the cause not the symptom

Systematically working through muscles to restore oxygen delivery, using tools like magnesium and antioxidants, restores tissue, removes pain, improves performance, fights cancer and improves you health 4Life.

Why Us?

We have hundreds of families, most of them multi generation, that use our services to get rid of their pain so they can improve their quality of life. Jim's children played with their great grandparents, wouldn't you like that for your family?