Athletes4Life, LLC - Muscle Restoration Through Medical Massage
Master Your Immune System!
This a one hour class that teaches you a 10 minute routine to stimulate your immune system and take control of your health! Your body is THE BEST FREE NATURAL MEDICINE and it is time for you to take control.

Based off medical science, this routine combines Yoga exercises with massage assisted breathing techniques, to give you control of your immune system.

It takes 5 minutes to perform 4 yoga moves that force lymph out of your lymph nodes into the lymph vessels. Then a powerful 1 minute of assisted breathing techniques that draws the lymph into your blood. Lastly, 4 minutes of meditation to calm your mind and build confidence and self esteem. 

It's a little tricky so buy the Gold Membership and come to as many classes as you need. 
Master Your Immune System, take control of your body's health.
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