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Athletes4Life's Massage Strategy:
Are you looking for something different?
Are you looking for a massage targeted to work on your issues?
Would you like to improve your performance?
Struggling with emotional stress?
Our services work the entire body so you can take control of your health and avoid doctors and pills. Licensed Massage Therapists will clean and build your muscles, help bridge the gap from an inactive lifestyle to one of physical well being, and devise an individualized therapy plan to meet each clients needs. Let us educate you on your immune system and teach you a routine to control it. Employers interested in reduced insurance premiums and improved employee productivity look into our corporate wellness programs. Our services benefit every cell in your body, including bones/hair/fingernails, and results include cancelled surgeries, the reduction or elimination of pain, emotional stability, medication free, and increased activity.


From scoring the winning touchdown, to living long enough to know your great grandchildren, we help you get the very most out of your life. 

Scheduling Your Massage: All scheduling is done online so you can choose the best time for you.
1. Medical Massage Therapy: Our Athletic Relaxation Massage is the blueprint for all of our massages and focuses on "Muscle Maintenance" AND "Muscle Building". We use Swedish, Hawaiian and our own massage techniques to flush tissues of congestion and recover muscle elasticity. Then we fuse the advanced stretching of Thai Yoga Massage with passive and active muscle release techniques to stretch and reset muscle memory. The result is an effective massage that CLEANS and BUILDS muscles like no other. 
2. Mastering your Immune System is a class that we developed that is a key part of our philosophy and a critical part of your health. It educates you about your immune system, and teaches you how to control it. It's a 40 minute class that teaches you a 10 minute routine. This puts your body's medicine cabinet at your disposal!
3. 20/40 Flex and Flush: This is a 20 minute continuous BowFlex weight lifting exercise followed immediately with a 40+ min massage. Meant for legs or upper body, this session works and flushes your muscles of toxins and reduces the lactic acid burn/pain typically experienced with your first exercise. This is perfect to prepare you for NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS!

4. Corporate Wellness Programs educate employees about your immune system, for example, and teach a simple exercise to energize the body so they can be productive the entire day. These are followed up with chair massages to address neck/shoulder/back pain.

Designed for athletes, these services are for everyone!

Athletes at all levels:
  • Pre/Post event massages prepare and recover athletes of all sports.
  • Customized per sport, per position and improves total body power output.
  • These massages help you get to the next level.
  • Customized per issue, our therapeutic massages help you with your pain and improve your movement.
Migraine Headaches:
  • Focuses on restoring blood flow to and from the head. Clients walk in with a pain level 5-8 out of 10 and walk out pain free!
  • Migraine PROGRAM: We track frequency, severity, and duration. Most clients improve in all categories.
  • Many of our clients are migraine free, read about it on the blog page!
Neck / Shoulder and Rotator Cuff issues:
  • Isolate each muscle, flush the muscles of congestion, apply isometric, concentric, and eccentric exercises to lengthen the muscles to prepare them for physical therapy or to resume your regular exercise program.
  • Clients have cancelled carpal tunnel and rotator cuff surgeries.
Marathon/Half Marathon/Metropark Runners and Walkers: 
  • Hip, knee, ankle and foot pain are often relieved in 1 massage to get you back on track. Joint pain is often tendon pain and resolved by flushing the muscles.
  • Fatigue is dramatically reduced so you finish your run stronger and faster.
 Arthritis and Tendonitis:
  • Clients diagnosed with arthritis by doctors and XRay's, are experiencing dramatic pain reduction.
  • Joint pain is often tendon pain when muscles are congested, less elastic, and shorter.
  • The athletic massage flushes the muscles, increasing muscle length, reducing tendon tension, and relieveing pain. YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS!
Emotional Issues:
  • Death, divorce, unemployment and etc. we help you work through life's struggles.
  • We relax the mind and emotions by relaxing the muscles and resetting muscle memory so you can start a new journey.
Cerebral Palsy:
  • Joint Movement - relaxing spastic and twisted muscles to improve blood flow, reduce illnesses, and promote range of motion without pain.

Athletes4Life Health Strategies: 
1. Apply our unique massages consistently between therapists to clean and build muscles to manage pain and improve health & performance.
2. Help people begin an active life by fusing exercise with massage to minimize swelling and pain.
3. Stimulate the immune system to give control of your bodies medicine cabinet and avoid pills and doctors.
4. Educate people so they can take care of themselves at home and at work so they can be their best.
Like a drop of water, massage radiates through the body and helps every cell.
Like a drop of water, each and every day we add tension and toxins throughout our bodies. Like ripples in the water, our unique massages improve the Mind, Body, Spirit, and Faith.
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